Fraud Alert

Do You Have to Place a Fraud Alert with each Credit Reporting Company?

Dear Experian,

I just filed an initial fraud alert with another credit bureau. Do I need to file an additional report with you?


Dear DRP,

No, you do not need to request another fraud alert with Experian.

How Requesting a Fraud Alert Works

When you request a fraud alert or security alert be added with any of the three major credit reporting companies, the company you contacted will notify the other two and alerts will be added with those agencies as well.

You should receive confirmation from each company that the alert has been added. If not, you can contact each agency individually to confirm that the alert is on file their files.

An initial security alert will remain on your report for twelve months. You can request a free copy of your report when you add the alert so that you can review it carefully and determine whether there are any signs of identity theft.

Keep in mind that each credit reporting agency may have slightly different information, so you will want to review all three credit reports.

Additional Things to Know About Fraud Alerts

Along with adding the initial alert, Experian will automatically opt you out of receiving pre-approved offers for six months.

Should you ever need to request an initial alert in the future, you can always add it directly by visiting Experian's Fraud Center.

Be sure to contact your local police department to file an identity theft report and then contact Experian if you suspect there are fraud-related items on your report.

Once you've filed a police report you can request a seven-year victim statement be added. It will include two telephone numbers that you provide so lenders can contact you before granting credit in your name.

Thanks for asking.
The "Ask Experian" team